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About us

We are an Art, Travel and Wellness collective that organizes retreat-shaped artistic residencies.


Together we have designed a programme based on the following principles:


We believe in what is built from shared different backgrounds, perspectives, skills and experiences.


Our programme is inspired by the local landscape and resources, environmental awareness and sustainability.


We favour experimentation as a tool to access and navigate untapped potential.


We include and showcase local traditional craftsmanship and ancestral knowledge in our programme.


The energy that brings us together - explore, grow and develop this force with RETIRO.

Meet our team


Wellness Expert

Julia is an accomplished organizational psychologist and group dynamics practitioner who herself, has spent over a decade as a digital nomad. Originally from London, UK, Julia has lived and worked in the US, Europe, Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa, supporting individuals, teams and organizations, navigate challenging or uncertain contexts. Coming to Portugal, Julia is honored to bring her professional learnings and personal experiences to facilitate wellness retreats that create the conditions for individuals and groups to transform and grow, together.


Travel Expert

With an unwavering passion for tourism and a deep-rooted connection to the wonders of Portugal, Adélia has been crafting extraordinary travel experiences since 2017. Her extensive background in journalism from renowned Portuguese newspapers has sharpened her storytelling skills, allowing her to curate immersive journeys. Adélia's experience in tourism coupled with her innate ability to uncover hidden gems ensures that each moment of your retreat is filled with discovery, delight, and authentic cultural immersion.

Our partners

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